Ready to Take Control of
Your Business?

At The TRICON Group, we specialize in FileMaker database design and development to create customized solutions for your business needs. From job tracking and scheduling, inventory, billing systems, to whatever it is you do, we can help you with the data part and let you focus on making your business successful.

What We Do

We do FileMaker! That means we wear many hats: project manager, problem solver, developer, workflow consultant, and more. Together, we work with you to identify your specific challenges. We'll offer our unique development and industry experience as we hit the ground running to create a solution that works for you. What we won't do, is a "Drop & Run" where we build a solution, drop it on you on the last day, then run for the next project. That's not how we do business.


Whether we're starting a new project or helping with your existing solution,
our first job is to find out what it is you really need. We do that by listening. Then, we'll engage in discussions to draw out even more information. We want everyone to be on the same page before we
start building.


Once we have a game plan, it's time to execute. When we start with design and development, we will keep you involved every step of the way. It's important that you feel ownership of a project and we'll ask for your input on things like: color scheme, formats, and most importantly a name for your solution.


Another big goal for our team is to ensure that you and your team succeed. We'll do everything we can to make this easy and painless. From setting up on-prem or cloud servers, license purchases, to user education and demos, we'll do it all.


A good solution is never really finished. As your business grows, it's important that your solution grows with it. We provide ongoing support for new projects and enhancements to your solution that keep your systems current with your changing business.


As a Claris Partner, we strive for excellence and innovation in everything we do for our clients. The Claris Developer community provides an arsenal of tools, collaboration, and standards that are geared toward helping developers with successful projects for their clients. Claris Partners also benefit from the added sales and technical support provided by Claris and their support team.

Outgrowing Excel?

Our Adtrax project tracking solution for FileMaker gives you the immediate power to scale up and drive change across your organization. From job tracking, scheduling, and reporting—to automated emails—you will have everything that you need to get the most out of your production and distribution processes.


Who We Are

Since 1996, we have been developing custom workflow solutions with FileMaker. We eat, breathe, and sleep FileMaker - and we love what we do! Really!

As a certified Claris Partner, you can be sure that we understand the nuances of creating a software solution that can put you back in control of your business.

Before we were FileMaker developers, our team came together in the print production industry—specializing in services for retail, advertising, and marketing clients. We know the fire drills and stress involved in meeting production deadlines.

Meet the team

Our team has the right combination of business management and production professionals, technical wizards, and software design experts. We’ve built custom FileMaker solutions and for large and small companies and everyone in between. We're proud of the ongoing partnerships we've developed with our clients with many lasting 15-20 years so far. We believe that says we're doing something right.


How Can We Help?

Tell us about your project. We’d love to talk to you about eliminating some of your daily pain points and making your workflow easier and more efficient. The best part? Talking to us is FREE! So, why wait?

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